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In recent years Chinese paddy and wheaten production are begged for be more than, according to national grain oil information center estimates, 2019 Chinese rice surplus 14Right now key depends on keeping ad cool-headed and sober, do not make response quicklyCompere: Directional metaphase is leasehold and convenience0% , contemporaneity fixed capital forms amount to hold the average share of defray law GDP 40

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Main to the economy that current limit improves area and the US stock price that are in perch, current beauty couplet store the manner is to remain the same strength of affirmatory monetary policy, and beautiful in June couplet store discuss news conference to go up, beautiful couplet store Er of chairman Bao Wei is controlled to yield curve (YCC) of this one tool allude, also caused the imagination of the market furtherAt the same time we also suggest not to bring into these debt national budget, want to be issued alone by the Ministry of finance, avoid the misunderstanding on the marketAmong them 5G radical station will have 5 million ~600 10 thousand, every 200 thousand yuan, investment dimensions also will be achieved -727379968Compere: That market is accurate to falling, fall again accurate anticipation voice is quite loud also, but this do we view policy of be born of specific Central Bank even is ability OK? Guo Chenghua: Yes, the Central Bank needs to think integratedly, want to see the liquidity demand of the market already, also want to see the change of interest rate, also want to see the new case that economy runs, mature

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Governmental working report is already affirmatory, finance deficit rate plans to be arranged by 3Go against counter-purchasing is the rife that Chinese Central Bank applies a tool, operation frequency is taller, it is nearly one actually most today, chinese Central Bank was issued in open market today began of 80 billion go against counter-purchase an operation, deadline is 7 days, win the bid interest rate is 2Exert oneself ensures finance is food safety, oil safety, industrial catenary safety, safe, prevent these crucial domains to appear the problem brings about development retrogression9% above week: DF533) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing