Field of stock market of the A before this basically is local ox city when bottom concussion, the consumptive white horse that I suggest everybody pays close attention to mainly with bibcock of science and technology go up greatly, but most stock still is behaved low fan, of good as benefit policy and data come on stage stage by stage, reach litre of property price is pushed below times of low interest rate, hopeful of field of A stock market turns to comprehensive ox city stage by stage from local ox city, proposal investor grasps relevant opportunity activelyScan widely can bring the fall of economic kinetic energy for a long timeNo matter,so I think estate it may not be a bad idea, still be stock market it may not be a bad idea, it more it is the opportunity that expression is structural sexDeploy falls standard policy more is to be based on live firmly market main body, wide credence and coordinate finance, market sentiment or get nominal conciliation, but predicting follow-up amount is full strength is finite, the low probability before capital interest rate is returned again is very lowPick card and although be close to very much,retreat city, but technicality is differentData of research center of balance sheet of country of courtyard of Chinese company division shows, 2020 first quarter, dweller branch leverage is 57From the point of policy face, the silver-colored January 3 this year meeting that keep watch issues an announcement, much channel of requirement bank, insurance company guides dweller deposit to enter capital market, make value investment, long-term investment, this also is the clear signal that issues from policy

PMI considerably outspread, new capital construction is reflected add for electronic industry profit fast apparent rehabilitateCapital interest rate goes up frame of corridor of recursive interest rateTo in June, because the part is burgeoning,economic system epidemic situation still is fermenting, predict short-term exit is added fast will still be exported by epidemic prevention things prop upPolitic configuration: Rise in global situation uncertainty, and home is strengthened right " 6 firm " , " 6 protect " below the environment of strength, need inside (wait for relevant industry like consumption, capital construction) hopeful performance is superiorThe 2nd kind follows advanced manufacturing industry relevant8% , the centre level of DR007 may be in 2% the left and right sidesAfter epidemic situation came, I worried more

3%35% , the capital interest rate that the market thinks of the previous night is counter-purchased, its price centre may to 0So I do not have method to go back all the time, the likelihood is in 8, I do not have method to go back before SeptemberWild village of the research organization below banner of negotiable securities of wild village of business of Japanese the biggest certificate is integrated the institute is presiding economist Gu Chaoming (Richard CAs epidemic situation concussion goes stage by stage, the market anticipates tend stable, early days exceeds loose monetary policy to be exited stage by stage again reasonable nevertheless, capital interest rate guiding returns to frame of interest rate corridor to be helpful for stabilizing capital interest rate, strengthen the adjusting control of pair of capital interest rateDish there is a few phenomenon to be worth to pay close attention to on the face: One, mood of idle fund hype drops in temperature continuouslyBecause,be of capital market change to releasing enough energy, new 3 board handpick layer will be rolled out quickly after dragon boat festival, do poineering work board register make reform also be in intense carry out

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08 Jan 2014

2009 2 quarters, financial real estate configures specific gravity to reach peak value 63On message face, anabiosis as domestic economy still undertake in order, financial data is added high fast improvement of profit of company of the further second half of the year that prop up, market confidence is in escalate, market style is progressively by determinism to growing sex evolutionTo investor, the share of which part on tropic is equaler, which kind of risk can give better get one's own back? Perhaps say, should choose jellyfish head, be still jellyfish end? Our time measure computational proof, if the weight such as one basket buys the share of that one share of lowermost risk, be in especially plan after needing assumed risk into place, redound is optimal


08 Jan 2014

3) rebounds level: Concussion ends, the market rebounds, orgnaization investor is answered generally fill hold group board in the arms piece, corresponding, embrace a group get in rebound runDweller income and public demand still can get very big impact, common consumable is faced with shrink pressure should be more than inflationLook forth so, it is cheaper that pork still should be met, maotai still is met more expensive


08 Jan 2014

Can new coronal epidemic situation let aggravate do this ebb? Gu Chaoming: In the balance sheet of the Japan before epidemic situation comes and United States decline was about to end, although still have a few " carry-over "(another name for Guangdong Province leaves esteem benefit to consider city) the market solves dish: Round-the-clock perch makes firm, heat is orderly annulus before moving dragon boat festival the last trade day, shanghai points to round-the-clock around in concussion of perch of 3000 bits of lower part, do poineering work board Zhou Er pointing to afterwards is given priority to with making firm after add innovation is tall, market heat is orderly annulus move, two city quantity can be maintained in higher level, odd-numbered days of the capital on north flows into 1Promote get together invest Wang Xiaoming: Yes, it is the first forever


08 Jan 2014

We suggest 3 quarters are left layout strong product is periodic; 4 quarters hopeful is greeted board piece sexual prices, can pay close attention to early days to drop a deeper industry bibcock1%6%(month - 3

Although near future part is burgeoning,canal of market country epidemic situation accuses aggravation, but Euramerican hair amount to economic system to add case of illness newly to already all was entered drop passageway especially Europe already was improved considerably, germany, France, Italy enters a canal basically already to dominate endIts core key is nodded is not a technology go up how to precede, have on its commercial pattern however very strong hard me-too characteristic