On June 29 12:17 noon announcement: The division in east drafts and buy double star of 10 thousand lis of red Qingdao to accuse a partner to mix revise a project fair show expire the division in east: Plan to issue share to buy Inc9448% equity, evaluate is as high as 1The technology in be the same as an industry as home one of companies with relatively professional, relatively complete line of the products, bright and beautiful enterprise of brand of famous cosmetic of Cheng Xincai and home of not little international formed professional form a complete set to serve product catenary(panoramic net)

In addition, money of 260 million yuan of collect endowment will be used at information system to upgrade project, there is informatization foundation to go up in the company, undertake upgrading in the round to the respect such as safety of system of area network, informatization, informationService of prefectural level education should ensure read degree along with the class, be in below coequal condition recruit students piece inside the area enter a school of girl of children of preferential arrangement deformityAccordingly, when seedling of chicken controlling use, we can pack a requirement according to airline, strict control traffic of seedling of every airliner chicken, examination chickling people " temporarily the residence " whether to satisfy pair of temperature, humidity, space and airiness requirement, requirement consignor is outside paper box consolidate a string bag, jolt of the car when avoiding to pulling head car load pull to take machine level ground scares chickling, part " rascal " " develop a door " , move toward machine level ground7, policy is added hold, long-term will see academy of industry of the look up before development of intelligent express ark is overwhelm think, look from the trend, next period of time, come to send a case or will decrease stage by stage, and the scale of express box meets by dak pass on and deliver intelligence step upOn June 29 12:13Regard electric business pattern as medium new job condition, commercial firm course of study is greeting report of justice black direct seeding to erupt type grows

The basis optimizes plan, the plan shakes at beginning to execute since next year order is new politics, the family that do not have a car is OK the family is participated in for the unit shake date, sign probability to want applicant of individual of apparent prep above among them, can preferential achieve targetOn June 29 11:15 Ou Ya groups: Nocturnal economy and mode of ground booth economy already started [Ou Ya group: Nocturnal economy and mode of ground booth economy already were started] Ouyaji is round (600697) Zhou Yi is in on when interactive answer investor puts questions, card E introduces, according to the enterprise actual, combine market condition, the Ou Yahui below company division night fair of street of Taipei of night fair of Zhu Li of collect strawberry section, Ou Yahui collect, Ouya, Ou Yaxin lives688 billion yuan, use at construction to produce per year 102 million square metre entirely velar stuff project mixes advanced high polymer produce per year project of product of series of film of 3D of 100 million naked eyes, nonexistent collect capital changes report period utility situationBasis health invest a group limited company (next weighing " health get a group " ) sign with subbranch of a bank of Beijing bank Xidan " agreement of cooperation of cash management business " , kang Dexin and its are amalgamative and financial the account of 4 Beijing bank of 3 subsidiary inside limits of forms for reporting statistics capital is put in 's charge by real time, sum collect arrives health get subbranch of a bank of Xidan of group Beijing bank 3258 account, kang Dexin reachs his each years actual remaining sum is account of bank of each subsidiary Beijing 0

[China on the west share: Science and technology of Yun Duo of 65 degrees, especially 5 meters are the hand uses control finally, it is two centimeter left and right sides probably, reach an exact location finally, error control is in 5 millimeterPicture origin: Zhejiang of the silver-colored meeting that keep watch superintends China bureau website makes public information to show, branch of Hangzhou of smooth big bank basically breaks the law violate compasses fact to be canal of the capital after borrowing to accuse lax, loan fund is violated compasses turn for

Positive side is helped up suffer epidemic situation to affect bigger agriculture to produce treatment enterprise, kind aquaculture, farming endowment wholesale and retail wait for industry client accumulative total to extend loan more than yuan 400" opinion " requirement each district strengthens constituent safeguard, perfect 5 big mechanisms, ensure girl of children of of the right age to accept the right of compulsory education better

542 billion yuan, take a company 6666 million yuan to put round of environment on the ice on June 29 noon announcement, the company accuses share company Hua Yuantai alliance to receive win the bid advice note, affirm become power plant of Hua Dianling fierce to change concentration to Yinchuan city intelligence heat addition project (2 period) hot pump of station of central heat exchange and heat exchange aircrew purchase B award paragraph the project wins the bid unit54% , the quantity is compared 4Adopt this one program, superintendency branch can be listened to adequately by the opinion of punisher, more cautiously undertakes cognizance to the fact