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Economic short-term exceeds anticipate restore to will be changed current each industry board piece relative prosperity pattern and investor are right of prospective fluidity anticipate, and dimensions of new hair fund puts delay to be able to bring about early days to hold group board in the arms piece capital relay puts delay, action force is not worth on

8% , 19This year 1-5 month, the new job condition related to Internet, new pattern maintains continuously go against force growth

(negotiable securities times) up to on June 24, hand in place financing remaining sum to sign up for five hundred and seventy-eight billion nine hundred and eighty-six million yuan, relatively before one trade day reduces 3But on the whole, new coronal epidemic situation is more than the interference to supply apparently to the inhibition of demand, slant to the influence of prices drop and rather than rises1 percent; Look from foreign trade, amount of implementation imports and exports 2(Responsibility edits: DF386) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing2) complete old cycle, clothbound is repaired occupy than lasting B of promotion, overlay carries the market to rise abruptly stimulative pattern improvement, the home installs building materials to hold a β and α logic concurrently"Long for star to long for a moon, eventually when camphor harbor opens harbor

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In hoping economy of bound of epidemic disease later ages restores, china still can act such partCompere of independent candidate, TV program Ximeng Hewofuniya (Szymon Holownia) is ranked with the rate getting a bill of 13


(negotiable securities times) certificate business early dish collective goes weak, up to distribute news dispatches, peaceful negotiable securities drops in exceed 5% , red tower negotiable securities drops exceed 4% , negotiable securities of gold of negotiable securities of the Yangtse River, country, country yuan negotiable securities, wide hair negotiable securities, Nanjing negotiable securities drop exceed 3%0% compared to the same period, two digit grow regain, to stabilizing economy growth has main effect


3% , advanced manufacturing industry grows 2


97% ) , feed, cultivate course of study, produce to machine take second place, it is respectively + 25


(Hubei daily) on June 28, wuhan east lake high new developed area comes on stage " Guang Gu Internet + teach 10 " new politics, create total scale development of 5 billion yuan estate of online education service leads fund, support Guang Gu with all one's strength " Internet + education " the industry makes the 2nd raise that is next to Beijing


86% with 1


Not only such, always invest 120 million yuan, cover an area of 30 mus, the project of cereal of innovation of new material science and technology that is located in area of garden of new material industry likewise is in tight construction