End travel data shows, churchyard of before 2020 5 months this foreign currency deposits money relatively the corresponding period added 84We are interested in 3 industries: One-time consumable, medical treatment and education, we think the growth opportunity of these 3 domains is the greatestI also a moment ago was told mainly, hold from foreign capital, for example the capital on north is in A the new economy that the cash of near 1 trillion manages a key to be in China kind company, if investor becomes these companies an index, they year change accrual to basically be close to 20%5)2014 year in December up to now, consumption embraces a group, grow 5Had turned over a head to come we say China again, I feel China also is the phase that splits up at, chinese economy is becoming the dominant that put an amount from increment dominant, I saw trend of 4 big become dividedBecause Chinese economy also enters the phase that consumes dominant, consumptive main body is the crowd of medium income(article origin: The country contains negotiable securities) (responsibility edits: DF064) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing

78% , DR007 is returned epidemic situation is earlier in Feburary level, a bit the level of balanced interest rate of corridor of prep above interest rateI had been proved in balance sheet theoryThe process of global fluidity rehabilitate won't be successful, still can have repeatedlyHeat up a respect, this week is supplied increase, hold except northeast and Hua Na firm, huadong and Hua Na reduce an amount, the others area somewhat increase production; In light of cent province, sichuan and Heibei are province of main increase production, it is PG and CZZT on behalf of example, main reason depends on furnace condition restoring, and rolling mill answer is produced86 billion yuan, annulus comparing rises 560 million yuanI think the whole world won't appear more severe crisis, unless the government of world each district does not loosen them " close " policy1%)[promote get together invest Wang Xiaoming: What kind of stock is still underestimated by the market? ] we are in a traditional old economy now in the process to new economy transitionNotable is, two meetings put forward to close to consumptive benefit the people's livelihood moves a structure to gain reserve strength again already " two weigh newly " construction, the key alludes " network of information of development new generation, extend 5G application, construction data center " waitWu Jinduo expresses, online consumption extends a service from objective, consumptive pattern and consumptive border are extended ceaselesslyIn the meantime, shenzhen is ranked the 2nd, explaining the 2nd population flows into general orientation is flow of delta of past Pearl River

(article origin: Chinese negotiable securities signs up for) (responsibility edits: DF512) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footingBefore this year 6 months are new establish fund to pass -727379968, rights and interests kind fund is among them brunt③ structure sex deposits money to bring liquidity risk possibly still to the enterprise, it is the one part of financial ventureThe truth is very simple, exceed of hair soft, always want to have a flow direction, or buys consumption namely kind commodity, reflect those who give the CPI of our statistic, PPI to go up; Or buys property namely kind commodity, push price of litre of share price, house, gold price to waitHu Qiankun points out, new 3 board this deepened reform policy to absorb market of global mature capital adequately to include division achieve board register the system cream that make, new 3 board market interior open " fundamental layer - innovation layer - handpick layer " between layer class benign loop, fair development travel and turn directly board the gradational be born of the system, realized our country mutiple level the interconnection each other of capital market is connected, the market grows a space to be opened furtherIn the meantime, we suggest from 3 growing circuit undertakes configuration[in gold: Chinese market may continue to reveal tenacity] in golden company hour, sex of the wave motion of market of periphery of around of dragon boat festival, structure relatively the prices of acme is deduced may make the market short-term wave motion is increased somewhat, but Chinese epidemic situation is prevented accuse to precede considerably, answer of go back to work produces degree to continue to deepen, cost of market whole appraise is not high, we think to should not be excessive and pessimistic to metaphase market prospectIn light of the exponential performance after from in the past odd week of the fund on a year of north is bought completely considerably, prices of the index after odd week of the fund on north is bought completely considerably often is had certain durative, but its are in trade often originate on the structure what the capital on north buys completely is durative (the red in the graph labels) brought micromechanism changes, and the information content of the behavior correspondence that the capital on north buys completely considerably (often the limit change) of corresponding and macroscopical, policy or risk levelPutting money when private branch and not be when lending money, inflation won't rise absolutely4x, 312) finance is landed, will come 9 years 4 years in December in June, landed cycle is started, financial company reform appears on the market, highest configuration 64%