Among them, agree with gentleman of dragon of election plum home to hold the position of president of the 9th board of directors of company, lieutenancy and tenure of office of the 9th directorate keep consistent908 billion yuan, 134

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On June 29 12:0Sublessor of 9 black heart obtains punishment! This removes Shenzhen secondhand evil case of experience of the business shop industry that rent was sentenced on June 24 morning, hill court is opposite one case south experience evil case undertakes first instance is adjudged publicly, this case is involved secondhand the group of vicious power crime that business lays the industry that rent, chu Mou of the accused person east wait for 4 people to commit provoke affray crime, be sentenced 6 years to reach 6 one year respectively month of set term of imprisonmentTo fulfil " 6 firm " , " 6 protect " working requirement, beijing market superintendency bureau will fulfil support strictly this year answer of go back to work is produced, should increase to epidemic situation influence right individual and industrial and commercial door give aid to it is strength, good to be done further the each policy document such as service of foreign capital company, pay close attention to actively and solve market main body to be in answer of go back to work is produced in the real difficulty that encounter and general character problem, positive side supports market principal part answer of go back to work is produced


In addition, kang Dexin 2015 - the bank deposit remaining sum that showed in year report 2018 also is put in false accountEarly on June 29 dish, north fights navigation board piece go up a house before, cut is consummate midday 10:30, astral net Yu Da goes up a to lead amount to 6


[night receives *ST Kang Deshen to punishment tells book share or be enforced to retreat city again] 28 days of late nights, *ST health (former Kang Dexin) release announcement to say, company and jade of solid bell charging a person received card inspect to be able to allot that day " punishment of administration of supervisory management committee and market ban Chinese negotiable securities to inform a book beforehand " , company presence touchs " Shenzhen stock exchange appears on the market the company is major break the law to retreat city compulsively to implement measure " , " the stock appears on the market regular " the possibility of the regulation that removes city state compulsively, the stock may be carried out great break the law to retreat city compulsivelyThis will be driven June 1 year period 10-20 of LPR quote be issued to lower levels base point, commercialize lower interest process hopeful is advanced continuously; And in " the house lives to be not fried " below the principle, 5 years when basically lend interest rate in the light of the room period extent of LPR quote be issued to lower levels will be relatively lesser, estimation falls it is 1 year about period the half left and right sides of extent of LPR be issued to lower levels


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This recently one day (on June 24, 2020) data of certificate of financing be in harmony is: Financing remaining sum one billion and twenty-one million five hundred and thirty-one thousand nine hundred yuan, remaining sum of certificate of be in harmony one hundred million eight hundred and forteen thousand, financing buys one hundred and eighty million seven hundred and ninety-one thousand seven hundred yuan, financing buys fifty-eight million one hundred and seventy-eight thousand three hundred yuan completely

In addition, total assets of group of day person force relatively dropped last year 2[with mountain drug industry capsule of Lian Huaqing acute communicable diseases obtains Laos medicines and chemical reagents to register certificate] on June 29, issue announcement with mountain drug industry, the company received the medicines and chemical reagents that medicines and chemical reagents of food of Laos Ministry of Public Health manages approve is signed and issue to register certificate recently, in approving company drug to spend capsule of clear acute communicable diseases to accord with Laos repeatedly, officinal standard is registered, certificate period of efficacy ends on June 21, 2023SZ) open quotation drops stop, sign up for 2Prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction regards Chinese traditional medicine as one of 3 big pillar of industry of drug of our country traditional Chinese medical science, long-term since besides have " prohibit the foreign trader invests traditional Chinese traditional medicine n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction " outside policy amulet, it is to get more in recent years