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Look in Yang Gaofeng, week village area is development of unifinication of circle of economy of provincial capital of Zi rich active butt joint " bridge tower " , and the seat of company of gas of An Ze special type is in this fitly again " bridge tower " most core positionAll will be 14 day period with 3 days on July 29% , relatively the fall this year April the anticipation of 3% is reduced further[growth of month by month of make out an invoice of catenary of entire industry of Shanxi province entire industry was compared in May number of share of make out an invoice rose 294This period operational ton is 5 billion yuan, deadline 3 months, face open market business one class trades business undertakes fixed expending leading quantitative invite public bidding, cost rate is 0(article origin: Negotiable securities times) (responsibility edits: DF078) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footingAlleged Woerke is regular, belong to the United States was carried out in April 2014 " Dodd - Frank act " main component, its core content is to prohibit the investment business that the bank pursues self-supporting property, and make stop a bank to have, invest or launch pair of strong fund and fund of illicit collect investment, carry risk of operation of oneself of aggravate of tall lever venture capital investment with bank of United States of keep within limitsIn May, public traffic of 36 centers city completes passenger traffic volume 3This two big in-house factors can break the pattern that structure of current home market splits upEnterprise of electrified wire netting is in plan receive afore-mentioned power users (contain already participated in the market to trade user) when charge of electricity, unified continuance is pressed arrive formerly the 95% settle accounts of an electrovalency levelBank ETF is last week A capital flows into ETF of the largest trade completely, capital is flowed into completely last week aggregate amount to 226 million yuanHave 1 person of high teacher, 17 people of high teacher, structure of pedagogic whole age is reasonable, it is the rank with higher quality of a whole0%May, car of limitation above unit kind commodity turnover grows 3This also proves, want appropriate to answer only, help consumer restores confidence, the partial cause that causes this economic depression at least can disappear42%) , international that make silver, labour, international that build silver, farming silver international

The financial personage that having hep bank is certificate business development expresses, current, the pattern that the bank charges a stockjobber is the pattern that dividing already battalion essentially below, initial exploration mixes financial industry to implement the form of a kind of organization that manages integratedly limitedly, cannot undertake the transportation of capital and resource directly, because this develops,be restrainedProject of sanded international cold chain is managed south with high grade flesh kind, goods of a large amount of the people's livelihood such as vegetables of aquatic product, fruit kind give priority to, by right of be located in bead the natural advantage of area of trigonometry core economy, cold chain goods passes tall thruway outward radiate, 1 hour is enclothed bead trigonometry city group, lead to countrywide each districtWill look on the technology, pound nominal is overwhelm, had built nominal position beneath, technical index shows, nominal force is at present in labor force saving, if can get effective callback, city is done with the callback as before after give priority to for nothing(the first finance and economics)

Wang Ruijie points out, uniCom of a height but the world that lacks each other letter and cooperation has a problem, all countries especially big country, must build to have constructive new cooperation pattern in all, let all countries share global opportunity, also partake global responsibilityFrom the point of these angle, have bank background or the certificate trade that the bank can share, prospective business can have very great progress2% , among them investment of hi-tech manufacturing industry grows 1Look from pillar industry, the computer, communication and manufacturing industry of other electron equipment grew 5From the point of technical mart, came 2014 2018, the technical contract that Beijing outputs to Tianjin, Heibei clinchs a deal the forehead and the technical contract that its flow to provincial town in Beijing clinch a deal the place in the forehead occupied specific gravity to all achieve apparent growth, the technical contract that Beijing outputs to Tianjin, Heibei clinchs a deal the forehead increases to by 84% , drop 0After one by one analyses these elements, the big trend that we think to affect inflation (or old cycle) is 3: The money exceeds hair strength, economy to produce price of fall vacant mouth, crude (on behalf of abroad input sex inflationary)1 percent; Look from foreign trade, amount of implementation imports and exports 2Camphor city day of health medicine company produces venom of 3 tons of disappear to assist each district epidemic situation to prevent accuse, to help an enterprise obtain epidemic prevention goods and materials quickly production puts on record proof, city side helps a working group up to contact passageway of green of open up of hall of province zoology environment, help enterprise is obtained allow the annulus of put into production judges a pass, solve raw material for the enterprise in short supply wait for difficult problem with financing

In addition, economy of IMF predicting China is added fast 8New 3 board hit rate of new be the lucky number to be able to be amounted to 100% ! One key activation is new 3 board attributive, hold an opportunity to have additionally, this Zhou Ye general has amount to 8 A new explain buy, cover advocate board, do poineering work board and division achieve boardWill look on the technology, yen is in course early days is long dish after rectifying, elected way, the force before much head is powerful, if can get effective callback later, much sheet still can enter after the callbackThe near future, situation of American epidemic situation has disappeared to turn, investor restarts to economy hopeful expect fall after a rise, the United States points to big 3 last week concussion be issued to lower levels, path point to, 500 indexes and accept point to mark general respectively accumulative total drops 359% , sign up for 9757At present economy is in anabiosis confirm a procedure, the fundamental key of policy is firm in have into, do not do the strong stimulation of flood flooding type, this one foot anabiosises continuance to economic establish, accordingly, before this the market will still continue the structural sex prices of consumption and dominant of science and technology, the probability of comprehensive ox city is not bigThe more difficult period, can see more take on; The more crisis hour, want to dare to regard as more(Guo Taijun installs negotiable securities to consider) card inspect can do not have more information to need to be reported to the market at presentAccording to custom statistic, 1, amount of Shenzhen imports and exports dropped in May 2



These devote oneself to to be able to last to wish for a long time with what high quality develops more with China scene come down in one continuous line


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This express in a report, unemployment rate rises, the defer that more person exits labour market and business investment anabiosises already opened aggravate Korea economy before epidemic situationTo the crime that safety of tool of obstructive public traffic drives, draft returns a regulation, the paragraph sets before drive personnel and other fistfight, endanger public safety, the regulation of the money before according to is punished

[the United States shows futures small clear the way shows futures falls big 3 exceed 170 to nod] one Asia trades period of time, path show futures falls 171 a little bit, sign up for twenty-four thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine a little bit, drop 0


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Forecast an analysis to still show, with compared during international banking crisis 2008, growth of gross domestic product drops to be reduced somewhat to the negative effect of commerce, the reaction that commerce changes to gross domestic product may be weaker


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So tremendous investment redound, the original partner it may be said that participates in investment is earn basin full earthen bowl is full


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