(Origin: The first finance and economics) Zhou Xiaochuan: We go up in accountant, audit and diaphaneity and the requirement of internationalization still has difference week coulee to be on forum of mouth of home of the 12nd land express, incident of this luck favour and before one phase appears a certain number of therein without exception the company is done by fish empty, cruel show us to go up to still have difference with the requirement of internationalization in accountant, audit and diaphaneitySummary 1, Maotai is going up pig price is in drop, house price is rising chummage is in dropThe everybody after decline ends begins to rebuild their deposit, because their deposit falls very badly during epidemic situation

Although be measured at present can still can't prop up grail systematization general goes up, but market confidence is in escalate, market style is progressively by determinism to growing sex evolution36% , Nasidake drops 343% ; Board stock reduces an amount one hundred and twenty-four thousand eight hundred tons, fall for 1

Divide system of ownership to look next, rehabilitate of profit of privately owned, foreign capital, joint stock company is more apparent, but rehabilitate of state-owned company profit is slowerBefore introducing the first account, we look first below this piece of graph, arrive from 2000 now, GDP grew to expand probably 9 times the left and right sidesStock market respect, what we should look is more long-term


Arrived April, the range with full to monetary policy investor is more ambitious still than anticipating, because April the Central Bank exceeded Chu Li rate to be reduced 001 with 5


1% litres 40In the time that did not come 10 years, if be handled well,China can become a of the developed country certainly


You also value India before this, do you think India can be benefited from which? Whether can you change the anticipation to India? Gu Chaoming: If people worries Chinese dilate more and more, they can turn to India gradually" insurgent news: You go out in book middle finger, world front is facing a balance sheet to ebb, it is the representing's developed country with day beauty especially


Long-term thought is spent in and character, need to pay close attention to our country economy and appear on the market incident of degree of company profit rehabilitate, periphery (general election of play chess of the US stock show that if overmeasure is worth,leaves, Sino-US rich, United States) development state of affairsThese 3 direction also are science and technology in outstanding achievement can cash stage by stage, have long-term investment value board piece, suggest investor can pay close attention to mainly